The Elite Development and Performance Unit is a newly created high performance area of SPORTT, currently housed at the headquarters in Port of Spain. EDPU has created a philosophy where we plan to take a 360 degree approach to further developing prospective podium athletes to elite status. This is a process geared at increasing the number of elite national athletes in Trinidad and Tobago.

Elite Gym at Hasley Crawford Stadium

The unit will ensure that athletes are trained physically, technically and mentally:

Physical– Expert staff will work on improving: strength; conditioning; speed; power and agility to help athletes reach and maintain a high level of fitness.

Technical– Increasing athletes’ skill level is one of the most fundamental components in their development and to do this, qualified coaches will help them  fine tune sport specific technique and skill execution. . Additionally the coaches themselves will be trained and further developed towards elite coach status.

Mental- Providing athletes with necessary psychological tools required to excel in performance is critical. Sport and Performance Psychology staff will deliver the necessary services to facilitate this mental development and increased performance.

Elite Gym at Hasley Crawford Stadium
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