SPORTT Procurement

The Procurement Department’s primary responsibility is to acquire goods and services in accordance with the approved procurement procedures by issuing tenders and requests for quotations (RFQs).

The Department ensures that all purchases are made in line with SporTT-approved policies and processes and the requirements of applicable laws. As it rigorously adheres to the requirements of the Procurement Act and the Office of Procurement Regulation, this department fosters transparency, accountability, and value for money throughout the procurement process.

Download Procurement Documents

SporTT Annual Schedule of Planned Procurement Activity (2023-24) Download PDF File

The Office of Procurement Regulation: Procurement Depository Supplier User Guide Version – Download PDF File

OPR Ethical Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Contractors, August 2023 V2 – Download PDF File

Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act 2023 – Download PDF File

Public-Procurement-and-Disposal-of-Public-Property-Amendment-Act-2016 – Download PDF File

The-Public-Procurement-and-Disposal-of-Public-Property-Act-2017 – Download PDF File

The-PPDPP-Amendment-Act-2020-Act-No.-27-o – Download PDF File

Legal Notice No. 106 of 2023 – Download PDF File

Exchequer-and-Audit-Act-Chap.-6901 – Download PDF File

Integrity in Public Life Act – Download PDF File