Funding Sport

SporTT provides funding, oversight and guidance to 15 National Governing Bodies (NGBs), who are responsible for the sustainable growth and development of their respective sport. They are formally recognised by each sport’s international governing body as the bona fide representative or local governing body for the sport.

The relationship with SporTT is facilitated by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which outlines the annual deliverables expected from each NGB that receives government funding.

The NGB funding arrangements by SporTT are guided by the National Sport Policy and the Policy Guidelines on the Disbursement of Grant Funds. The SLA between the NGB and SporTT dictates the purposes of the funding approved for disbursement and the expected outcomes of the financial support provided. This SLA covers specific outcomes related to:

  • Athlete Development
  • Coach Development
  • Administrator and Official Development
  • Increasing Participation (Communities, Schools, Special Interest Groups)
  • High Performance Development and Structure

Through constant monitoring and reference to the SLA, NGB administrators are encouraged to improve levels of professionalism within their organisations, to ensure a functioning development framework for all facets of their relevant sport, to set and achieve specific performance targets and to aspire to be an example by which other NGBs measure themselves. Achievement of the performance measures as outlined in the SLA allows SporTT to know that the NGB is progressing towards an ideal and that measures exist by which funding accountability is reflected in balanced spreadsheets and improved performance at all levels.

SporTT invests over 25 million annually in these performance-driven sports and is accountable to the Government through the Ministry of Sport.