Guidelines for Usage of Sporting Facilities during Covid-19


Updated: 15th June, 2020


Please note that all persons requiring use of facilities must go through the online booking process. SPORTT will keep a record of name and a mobile number or email address for all users. Persons booking online will be required to input this information and it will be used only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 infections and are stored confidentially and securely.


a) Clear visual guidance on social distancing and hygiene will be provided to athletes and visitors on arrival, using; signage and visual aids.

b) At the entrance of all facilities adequate fixed or portable hand washing conveniences or stations will be provided for employees, athletes and visitors to wash their hands frequently with soap and running water. Ideally, easy open-close taps or pedal actuated or hands-free taps to be used. Additional hand washing facilities will be installed at other frequently used areas such as entrances to the gyms and offices.

c) An adequate supply of soap, water, disposable towels and hand sanitizer will be provided; with frequent restocking of supplies and emptying of trash;

d) Janitorial staff will properly disinfects high-touch surfaces (door knobs, elevator buttons, handles, rails, telephone, desks, countertops) and shared spaces (lunch rooms, washrooms, change rooms, locker rooms) on a frequent or periodic basis using a bleach solution using 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water or 70% alcohol solutions or other EPA-approved disinfectant. Janitorial staff will be provided with the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) to execute the disinfection without risk to themselves. Daily cleaning protocols will be clearly communicated to janitorial staff.

e) Proper mask etiquette is required within the facilities. All athletes and users must enter the facility with a mask and will be required to use it during non-playing interactions with others as well as upon exit.

f) The numbers of athletes and teams using the facilities at any one time will be limited to ensure that the social distancing requirements can be complied with. Every effort will be made to stagger arrival times and usage times.

g) Hand sanitizers will be provided at multiple locations around the facility.

h) The number of washroom facilities and non-essential areas will be limited to allow janitorial services to adequately focus on the deep cleaning of essential areas in use.

i) Assignment of a COVID-19 Officer to each facility to conduct risk assessments of the various user scenarios.

j) No physical contact is encouraged, nor the sharing of equipment, food or drink.

k) Use of the staircases instead of the elevator is preferred. When the elevator must be used no more than 2 persons may use in order that social distancing be maintained.

l) Security will be required to manage any queuing at entry points.


a) Games requiring varying types of users present e.g. Media, Technical Staff will be required to “zone” these groups to maintain social distancing requirements.

b) Off-field persons must wear a mask including coaches and substitutes.


a) The World Health Organisation recommended chlorination level of 15mg.min/litre is adequate to kill non-enveloped viruses such as poliovirus, rotavirus and coxsackievirus, and an enveloped virus such as Covid-19 would be inactivated at even lower levels, the document says. The pools are monitored for the PH, chlorine and acidity levels which once maintained to the specified levels will ensure the safety and health of the users.

b) The establishment of a new maximum number of people allowed in the pool at one time.

c) Enforcing the requirement that users of swimming pools shower before using the pool, and shower on leaving the pool to help reduce the risk of infection.

d) Swimmers will continue to be allotted specific fixed time slots only.

e) Changing rooms, showers and other communal areas may be closed to avoid people congregating outside of the pool. Outdoor showers will be utilised. The showers are outdoor showers by the diving pool, also the leisure centre has the facilities for outdoor showers and the fittings need to be installed.

f) Bookings for the lane usage will be scheduled with a 20-minute break between time slots to minimise interaction between groups and gathering.

g) Team pool games are not recommended at this time.


a) Cyclists are responsible for sanitizing their own equipment before and after training.

b) The facility will be sanitised between groups of users.

c) User groups are limited to two groups of 5, located at either end of the track.

d) Seating will be limited to ensure that the janitorial staff can adequately clean used areas to the required standard. This means that the accessible stadium-style seating will be off-limits or greatly scaled down.


a) Players are responsible for sanitizing their own equipment before and after training or playing.

b) The facility will be sanitised between groups of users.

c) Seating will be limited to ensure that the janitorial staff can adequately clean used areas to the standard required. This means that the accessible stadium-style seating will be offlimits or greatly scaled down.

d) Regular handwashing recommended especially at the end of a game.

e) Limited or no Spectators.


You are required to follow sensible precautions and clean between users, and to follow COVID-19 Secure guidelines. Where possible we recommend that you limit sharing of equipment, but if you do, practise strict hand hygiene. If you are sharing equipment, including balls, you should wash your hands thoroughly before and after use.

Changing Rooms

When accessing and leaving facilities you should wipe down areas of contact, wash hands thoroughly and use paper towels where possible and avoid touching any surfaces in transit.


Whilst the Government of T & T and Ministry of Health would be responsible for giving the greenlight for the re-opening of sporting facilities. The return to various sporting activities could be ramped up based on the degree of contact between sporting opponents or teammates.

Phase 1 (Current restrictions)

• Participation in any sport or team sport up to 5 persons.
• Tennis and golf re-open with social distancing. Groups of 5 max.

Phase 2

• Sport or team sport with 6 and over persons. No spectators.

Phase 3

• Open public swimming pools, cleaning/hygiene rules and social distancing.
• Sports team matches with limited spectators.

Phase 4

• Open fitness gyms, exercise, gymnastics, sports clubs with hygiene rules.
• Close physical contact sports permitted, e.g. rugby, boxing, wrestling.
• Sports spectating with limited numbers and separation.


In order to be as responsive as possible with any corrective action required, regular communication and feedback must be established between the National Governing Bodies/User Groups and SPORTT concerning the development of any sick athletes. Weekly feedback will be sought by either the Facilities Manager or designate. Any cases of COVID-19 in athletes or users must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Facility Manager for corrective action to be taken and/or contact tracing to be performed.


Handout for persons using facilities. This is addition to visible signage at facilities. Click here to see full handout in PDF


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