SporTT and University of Portsmouth UoP held a virtual partnership research conference recently.

The conference was led by Tobias Ottley, Executive Manager of the Elite Performance and Development Unit (EDPU), and featured Kairon Serrette, Senior Manager, Business Development Unit at SporTT and Dr. Neil Weston, Associate Dean, Global Engagement & Education Partnerships at the UoP.

The SporTT/UoP partnership will focus on generating Caribbean-based research in sport, which will inform how the region can advance and further develop its coaches and athletes.

Some of the research topics presented by SporTT included the Relationship Between Mood and Performance of Elite T&T Athletes and T&T National Athletes’ Perceived Barriers to Sport Psychology and Preferences for Seeking Services.

UoP also shared research on Sports Performance Analysis and Biochemical Asymmetry in Sport and Exercise.

SporTT’s Kairon Serrette highlighted the need for an MoU that both parties could activate right away especially in light of the research matters discussed in the conference.