The Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (SporTT) alongside key stakeholders, such as the National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad and Tobago (NAAA TT) and the Ministry of Education (MoE), is in search of:

– certified and active throws coaches
– persons interested in becoming a throw sports coach

for an upcoming Throws Talent Identification Programme across Trinidad and Tobago targeted to the young sporting talent at the secondary school level among students, ages 12 to 14 years.

The talent identification initiative will be conducted as an after-school program which includes an estimated five (5) contact hours per week, over a two (2) year period.

We are looking for someone who has a passion for working with young persons and who would be required to participate in the following key activities:

– To coach young participants in the physical capacity and proper technique required for throw sports.
– To assess young participants and gauge their development throughout the Programme.
– To guide young participants in the physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects of the sport
– To collaborate with SporTT and NAAA TT in identifying young talent for the sustainability of the sport.

Download the criteria and requirements by clicking this link. Throws Talent ID-Coaches (Certified & Interested Persons)