18 January 2024, Balmain, Couva

SporTT to NGBs: No Funding without Compliance
National Governing Bodies for Sport (NGBs) will only receive funding from the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SporTT) if their operations are in order.
This was made clear by SporTT Chairman Douglas Camacho as he addressed a meeting with NGB representatives yesterday (Wednesday, January 17th). The meeting was held to chart the way forward for sport development in 2024, to enhance the working relationship between SporTT and the NGBs, to address key compliance issues and reinforce policies and to give the sporting bodies the opportunity to provide valuable feedback.
Camacho reiterated the two “dealbreaker” conditions NGBs need to fulfil to be considered for funding in accordance with SporTT policy: the submission of audited accounts when they are due and the submission of reconciliation reports within 15 days of the end of competition for events funded by SporTT.
Head of Sport Development Justin Latapy-George addresses the audience.
The SporTT Chairman said sporting bodies have had ample time to “get their house in order” by accounting for their spending of public funds. He also extended a hand to associations that request support in becoming compliant.
“We are funding and have agreed to fund the policies of all NGBs that fall under our remit,” Camacho said. “[This is] one of the critical areas, yet there are a number of NGBs that are in arrears and then wonder why they don’t get funding. Zero tolerance.”
He singled out the Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Association (TTBA) for its efforts to improve its status. He said a few years ago the TTBA was 15th of the 15 NGBs in terms of their audited statements.
“We held their hand,” Camacho explained. “There was a lot of pushback from some, and we drew the line in the sand and said ‘that’s it, no more “bligh” for anybody’. These days, when we’re discussing (NGBs), boxing is in the top three.”
He said boxing has made strides despite being run solely by volunteers and encouraged non-compliant associations to do the same.
SporTT CEO Jason Williams assured the NGBs that the company is working closely with the Ministry of Sport and Community Development to smoothen the pathway for accessing NGB funding. He is also asking sport administrations to partner with SporTT by collecting and providing data so that the company can account for the returns on its investments.
Cross section of the audience of NGBs at the meeting.
“The aim for SporTT is to ensure that even as we provide the necessary support to national governing bodies, all investments in sport are accounted for,” Williams said. “Just as we ask NGBs to be accountable, we must also do the same. This makes statistics and data of utmost importance in allowing us to measure the success of our investments.”
Williams added that monitoring and evaluation will maximise the use of funding to enhance sport development in a sustainable way.
SporTT’s Head, Sport Development, Justin Latapy-George, and Head, Partnerships and Alliances Kairon Serrette, outlined the company’s approach for 2024 and plans to partner with the Ministry of Education and other key stakeholders to establish effective sport programming in schools and increase access and interest in sport among students.
This includes the “I Choose Sport” umbrella programme, which will address sport development in several key areas: coaching, talent identification, sport in schools, community sport and partnerships with NGBs to streamline initiatives and create greater impact.
SporTT has 15 NGBs under its remit: the Trinidad and Tobago Volleyball Federation, the Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, the Aquatics Sports Association of Trinidad and Tobago, the Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association, the National Basketball Federation of Trinidad and Tobago, the Trinidad and Tobago Golf Association, the Trinidad and Tobago Rugby Union, the Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board, the Trinidad and Tobago Netball Association, the Tennis Association of Trinidad and Tobago, the National Association of Athletics Administrations, the Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Association and the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation.