World T20 box office opens 2nd May

Chalita Rose, Head of Marketing, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

The excitement is brimming as the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup West Indies and USA 2024 inches closer, with just over a month before the first ball is bowled in the regional leg of the tournament on June 2nd at Providence Stadium in Guyana.

Trinidad and Tobago is among six regional nations preparing to host and “Out of This World” experience alongside the USA with the World Cup on the horizon. During his recent visit to Trinidad and Tobago, Head of Marketing for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Chalita Rose provided an update on preparations for the premier world T20 event, and the expectations on the local “flavour” this country is expected to bring to the competition.

Here are seven key questions on the tournament.

Q: How has CWI been gearing up for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup?

From a CWI perspective, we have been getting ready for the last two years. I think we’re at the point now that we’re ready to go to bowl the first ball in some venues and those venues that are not ready yet I think will be ready in a matter of weeks. When we get to that local perspective, the LOC [Local Organising Committee] has been doing a tremendous job in ensuring that all of the supporting agencies are putting together their ‘A’ grade to ensure that teams can experience a world class cricket tournament. And so, for us, we’re very proud, and we’re happy to see the collaboration come together to ensure that all of the world can experience this ‘Out of This World’ event for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

Q: Trinidad and Tobago will host five matches, including a semi-final. How important is this country’s role in showcasing the region’s cricketing spirit and talent?

I don’t think you can host the World Cup without coming to Trinidad and Tobago. I mean, this is the epicentre of cricket, the epicentre of food, culture, that is rich within the West Indies. And for us it was very important that we got Trinidad ready, and the Trinidad LOC, through all the supporting agencies, has really put forward their ‘A’ Game, and I can proudly say that Trinidad is one of the readiest countries to host the World Cup in June.

Q: Tell us about your plans for fan engagement and creating an unforgettable experience for spectators attending the games at BCLA.

Our fan experience programme is very much about letting people experience the West Indian culture. And anyone who knows Trinidad and Tobago knows what culture means to this particular country. So, everything from our entertainment, in terms of our dances, our music and anything around the stadium during this period of CWC, we’re going to ensure that fans have a chance to experience the beautiful rich culture of Trinidad. Whether that’s through food whether that’s through going to the museum, seeing the legends, interacting with them, we’re ensuring that fans have an engagement for the World Cup that is synonymous with Trinidad and Tobago outside of Carnival outside of all the cultural events, but just giving you that first-hand experience of what tourism in Trinidad and Tobago is all about.

Could you elaborate the collaborative efforts and partnerships that CWI has established to ensure the smoother execution of the matches in TT, particularly the synergy among CWI, local authorities and local stakeholders?

Well, we couldn’t have gotten to this point without the LOC (Local Organising Committee) ensuring that they’re fully ready and so I just have to say thank you to the Government, the people of Trinidad and Tobago for ensuring that the supporting agencies are all on the same page. And I could say that we’re progressing very smoothly, we’re at that last [step] where we’re trying to tie all of the loose ends together. But everyone, all of the emergency services, all of the cricket fraternity, everyone who is involved in putting on the showcase, the spectacle of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is just about ready and teed up, so I just want to say thank you to the LOC, than you for all of the supporting agencies for putting together what we will call a globally Wes Indian tournament ready to be bowled off June 2nd in Guyana and of course hosting a one of the semi-final in Trinidad is a very big deal and we’re looking forward to that experience.

Beyond the immediate excitement of hosting matches, how does CWI view this opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for cricket development in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region?

For us the first stop that we need to look at is our facilities, ensuring that our facilities are ready to host global events, and that’s ensuring that our pitches, our outfield, our locker rooms, our dressing rooms, everything about the stadia is ready for that type of development. And I think if we’re getting ready for a World Cup, we’ll be able to harness the talent around and to ensure that we do have the type of pitches that would allow for cricket to go to the next level. The other focus that we want to put some energies on is just our schools programme, to ensure that the children have a chance to anticipate and appreciate the tournament. So, we’re talking about teams coming and as a part of their CSR interacting with the youths. Whether that’s through a volunteer programme where you’re able to contribute outside of the pitch and the field or that is something [on] that’s within the pitch… where attending a practice session with the teams that are playing in that country. So, we have a 360 robust programme that allows you to experience and interact with the tournament to ensure that the lasting legacy of cricket and world events is felt throughout the region.

What about the tickets? How much opportunity will there be for the local fans to grab their tickets to matches here at home?

For us at Cricket West Indies, it was very important that the people of Trinidad and Tobago had a chance to participate in this ‘Out of This world’ tournament. So, what we’re doing is that we’re ensuring that box offices are opening on 2nd May. And once box offices are open, you’ll be able to purchase tickets to any matches that you need. We’re ensuring that at least 2,000 tickets are available for locals to purchase at the box office so you do stand a chance to experience the event.

Do you have any messages for the local fans as the countdown to an exciting tournament approaches its final month?

Honestly I want to tell all of the West Indies, all of the Caribbean, experience an ‘Out of This World’ experience, but what I want to say is that West Indies we need to support our boys, we need you to support the team, and we need to ensure that the stadiums are filled with our energy our vibes, our culture, so just go out and support the games, make sure you purchase your tickets, 2nd of May the box office is open. You don’t want to miss out on what is going to be an ‘Out of This World’ ICC MT20 World Cup, 1st  to 29th June 2024.