20 June 2024, Balmain, Couva


The Local Organising Committee of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup has been working diligently to improve the systems for the Park and Ride service to ensure the smooth transport of patrons attending Wednesday’s (26th June 2024) semifinal game at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy (BLCA).

The Park and Ride service was instituted with the aim of ensuring safe and convenient parking and transportation for patrons to and from BLCA in accordance with the ICC mandate for the Men’s T20 World Cup 2024.

The following are some of the amendments which will be implemented to ensure, as far as possible, that the public attending the game have a smooth transition to and from the game.


  • UTT San Fernando Campus, Gopaul Drive, Tarouba, East of South Park Mall, will be added as a new Parking area for Patrons. Persons parking at UTT will be ushered to the South Park Mall loading area, where they will then board shuttles to be transported to the Brian Lara Cricket Academy. Please note that everyone attending the match must follow the instructions of the Transport Coordinators and form a queue in the barricaded area to board the shuttles.

  • The South Park Mall Northern Car Park, north of the Offside Restaurant, remains a designated parking zone. Parking attendants will direct patrons to the available parking spots at South Park Mall.

  • Patrons are reminded that there are limited parking spots available at these venues, and parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Once a venue is filled, patrons will be directed to an alternate parking facility.

  • A wrecker will be in effect for indiscriminate parking outside of the prescribed parking zones. The public is asked to please ensure that they park in designated areas only to avoid blocking traffic or causing inconvenience to the commuting public, especially at the South Park Mall.

  • The Petrotrin Compound entrance from the Gasparillo gate remains a designated parking zone, with more than 1,200 parking spots available for patrons, who will be asked to join the barricaded line to board the buses.

  • The Park and Ride service will also be available for patrons who wish to utilise the Water Taxi to travel from Port of Spain to San Fernando. Those patrons will be able to park at Government Parkade in Port of Spain, access the Water Taxi and will be shuttled to and from the San Fernando Water Taxi Terminal to BLCA.


  • There will be an increase in security personnel and an enhanced police presence at the parking facilities, match venue and surrounding areas to ensure a consistent and orderly flow of traffic and patrons to and from BLCA. The number of parking stewards will also be increased to facilitate this process and will be easily identifiable.

  • Lighting in parking areas will be improved to enhance the safety and security of fans attending the matches.

  • Additional signage will also be installed to identify parking areas, entry points to the stadium and access points for shuttles to and from the venue.


  • The number of shuttles will be increased to enhance the flow of transportation to the match venue. Patrons must present a match ticket in order to gain access to the Park and Ride shuttle.

  • Shuttles will depart for the stadium at regular intervals. Patrons will be asked to line up in an organised fashion to allow for efficient boarding of the shuttle and to reduce departure challenges. Fans using the service are also asked to exercise patience during this phased process to allow for an orderly departure of shuttles.

  • Announcements will be made before and during the match to remind patrons of the shuttle arrangements on exiting the stadium to return to their respective parking facilities.

  • On exiting the stadium, there will be two designated departure zones for patrons returning to their vehicles. All persons returning to South Park and UTT will be directed to the departure zone South of the main BLCA Security Booth and all persons returning to Petrotrin will be directed to the departure area North of the BLCA Security booth.