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 The Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (SPORTT) invites suitably qualified individuals and firms to submit Expressions of Interest to provide Professional Consultancy Services regarding Job Evaluation and Compensation Review by conducting an in-depth assessment of the Company and its compensation structure.

The purpose of this notice is to seek Expressions of Interest from suitable individuals and firms with proven track records, and relevant qualifications and experience in the required consultancy services. Shortlisted firms and individuals will be invited to submit a proposal to conduct a comprehensive Job Evaluation Exercise inclusive of a compensation review and recommendation of a Job Evaluation Methodology, using a recognised objective evaluation process/methodology to analyse the current pay levels for all staff, permanent, temporary, contracted and recommend the relative worth of job at SporTT.

The shortlisted individuals and firms will be expected to submit a proposal to :


  1. Review SporTT’s current pay scales and salary information with the aim of developing a simplified pay grade framework;
  2. Review current organisational roles, accountabilities, engagement arrangements;
  3. Compare SPORTT’s current compensation structure and benefits package with those offered in the same market identified in the pay analysis;
  4. Conduct evaluations for positions at SporTT;
  5. Recommend an appropriate Job Evaluation Methodology;
  6. Evaluate the current HR competencies and identify gaps and requirements to ensure the organization is fulfilling statutory requirements and leading practices;
  7. Perform a due diligence review;
  8. Establish a baseline for future improvements and
  9. Provide clear, prioritized recommendations regarding the above.



The consultant/consulting firm should have a minimum of five (5) years of related consulting experience and their team members should have significant experience in the following fields:

  • Strategic consultancy;
  • Implementing points factor job evaluation scheme (s);
  • Conducting pay scale reviews preferably in the public sector;
  • Technical, project management and training skills, knowledge and experience;
  • Experience in consulting on plant and industrial environments as well Sporting Facilities; and
  • Previous experience working for or with government or government related organizations



Interested individuals or firms shall provide the following information/documentation in support of their competence, ability and suitability:

  • Evidence of qualifications;
  • Listing of professional capabilities; details of relevant experience;
  • Listing of job or work history references; and
  • Current signed CVs

Additionally, in the case of firms or companies, copies of all regular statutory documentation inclusive of Certificate of Registration or Incorporation, Certificate of Compliance from the National Insurance Board, and VAT Registration Certificates should be submitted. Evidence of Professional Indemnity Insurance must also be presented.

All submissions shall be submitted via email to [email protected]  no later than November 4th, 2022 in accordance with the following guidelines:


  1. Save the file(s) as a .pdf document

The Subject of the email must Read: Expression of Interest Name (i.e. “EOI-10-2022- Expressions of Interest for the Provision of Professional Consultancy Services Re: Job Organisation and Compensation Review.”      

The Body of the email must read: Please see attached Expression of Interest (EOI) from (Insert =Supplier/Contractor Name) for EOI name (i.e. “EOI-10-2022 – Expressions of Interest for the Provision of Professional Consultancy Services Re: Job Organization and Compensation Review.”     


  1. Submissions received after the stipulated deadline would not be eligible for consideration. SPORTT reserves the right to formulate a shortlist of entities based on its assessment of responses received, from whom a detailed technical and financial proposal would be requested at a later stage.



Secretary to the Tenders Committee