Join us in congratulating all National Awards recipients this year. A special congratulations goes out to Board Member Ms. Marilyn Gordon for receiving the Humming Bird Medal – Silver for her contribution to sport, education and politics. See full list below

Humming Bird Medal Gold
Michael Phillips—managing director—sport
Nicholas Paul—athlete—sport (cycling)
Jereem “The Dream” Richards—professional athlete/sprinter—sport (sprint)
Machel Cedenio—athlete—sport (track)
Asa Guevara—athlete—sport (track)
Dwight St Hillaire—athlete—sport (track)
Kashief King—athlete—sport (track)
Che Lara—athlete—sport (track)

Humming Bird Medal Silver
Marilyn Gordon—sport, education and politics
Anthony Lalacksingh—retired assistant manager —sport (cricket)
Charmaine A Archer—retired sport co-ordinator —sport (netball)
Ulric Haynes—retired—in the sphere of sport
Kion Benjamin—athlete—in the sphere of sport (track)
Eric Harrison Jr—athlete—in the sphere of sport
Jerod Elcock —athlete—in the sphere of sport (track)
Akanni Hislop—athlete—in the sphere of sport
Kyle Greaux—athlete—in the sphere of sport (track).

Humming Bird Medal Bronze
Noris Ferguson—pensioner—in the sphere of sport